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Event Planner

Absolutely free. You only pay for the vendors you choose to service your event.

  • Plan entire event
  • Compare offers
  • Event budget overview
  • Simplified payments
  • Auto notifications
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Early Adopter Vendor

Until September 2019

No fixed fees, only 7% fee per sale

  • Easily find events to service
  • Make offers
  • Combined service offers
  • Simplified payout
  • Auto notifications
7% fee
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Regular Vendor

Fixed percentage of sales price (incl. VAT)

  • Easily find events to service
  • Make offers
  • Combined service offers
  • Simplified payout
  • Auto notifications
  • Manage multiple vendor accounts
9-12% fee
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Questions and Answers.

Do you have any question about the pricing model?
Find some of the most frequently asked questions answered below.

How much does Evounce cost?

For event planners, using Evounce as a platform is free of charge. Planners only pay for the products and services they buy from vendors. The vendors pay a small fee to Evounce, when they are awarded with servicing an event. This means Evounce only makes money when a vendor makes money as well. Evounce takes a cut from the sales price (incl. VAT). Other than that, using Evounce as a vendor is free of charge (no fixed fees).

How do planners pay the vendors?

Payments are made directly on the Evounce platform. Evounce uses Stripe as our payment provider, which allows users to pay with any type of credit card.

When do planners pay the vendors?

Planners are required to pay for all booked services before the event takes place. The funds then stay locked in a holding account until 14 days after the event has taken place, at which time they are transferred to the vendors' accounts. This results in added security for both sides: The planners are granted a certain time frame in which they can dispute the purchase of a service (e.g. if it was not fulfilled as agreed in the contract) and on the other hand, the vendors can make sure ahead of time that they are going to get paid the entire asked price.

What is the fee in the pricing table?

The fee is the cut of money that Evounce deducts from each payment. With this money, Evounce pays the costs for employees, server and payment hosting and other needed services.

What is the cut?

For early adopter vendors, the cut is 7%. So if a vendor sells a service for $1000 (incl. VAT), Evounce takes a cut of $70.

How do vendors pay Evounce?

The Evounce fee is deducted automatically by the platform. Planners pay the entire asked price for the services up front and Evounce deducts the applicable fee and transfers the funds to the vendors' accounts 14 days after the event has taken place.