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Create awesome events in New York and San Francisco!
With Evounce, you simply plan your event, announce it, and regional vendors will come to you with offers. Like an auction.

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1. plan

It all starts with an idea. Evounce enables you to build your perfect event with all the elements you want. Like Italian food, a Jazz band or a giant bouncing castle.

2. announce

Evounce then announces to the world that you're planning an event, and the offers come pouring in from vendors in your region.

3. select

You choose the best offers and Evounce handles the boring part. Like contracts. Or budgets.

4. celebrate

Done already? Congratulations. Your perfect event is ready to rock!

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Offering a solution for an event?

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With Evounce you simply find the events that are in need of your services and make an offer where it suits you best.

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1. find

There are plenty of events being planned every day. What if you knew which ones need your services? Evounce will tell you and you can decide which event you want to be a part of.

2. offer

Evounce will guide you through the process. With a few clicks and details, you can tailor the offer to the individual needs of the planner.

3. win

Once your offer is chosen by the planner, Evounce will automatically generate the contract. And the best part? Payment will take place before the event and will be released to you after you delivered your service.

4. focus

Done already?
Great! That will help you to focus on the important stuff: delivering a great service!

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